dec 2018

Swapfiets campaign – fictional school project (10 weeks)

I created an identity campaign for a bicycle renting company called Swapfiets to increase their brand recognition. My reseach included a closer look at their target group, their needs and what the average swapfiets customer likes.

Also I created a research book about Swapfiets itself. What do they stand for? Where did they came from? Their USP, and many more subjects.

Through my concept for Swapfiets, their target group can relate more to Swapfiets, and they have a more recognizable corporate identity.

For the Swapfiets campaign I had to put a team togheter, existing of a photographer, 3 models and me (the stylist and art director). We had one day to do a photoshoot and film for the commercial video. It was a fun day with good energy. After that, I had 2 weeks to edit the photo’s and make the overall look complete.



My job:  Concept – art direction – editing