Apr 2019

XĪN SÌ // New Temple

Religion is no longer in the center of our society. Today it is  more about individuality and self-improving. Technology plays a important role today. It seems that technology has become the new religion,  without people realizing this.  The concept of Xīn sì enables this transition by positioning technology at the center.

The Xīn Sí community consists mainly/only of the youth of China. They are surrounded with technology every second of the day, and are therefore the perfect community for Xīn Sì. They need a social place to meet others. At the same time they want to experience positive technology that the world has to offer to them. Xīn Sì provides this for them in a way of solar energy.

Xīn Sì clothes are inspired by the traditional kimono. The roots of China, so they can connect easily with these new textiles. The textiles are woven with solar energy components. You can’t really see it, unless it’s part of the design. During daytime the textiles will save energy, and at night they will light up so you do not need other kinds of energy to charge your phone, or switch on a light.

The Xīn Sì warehouse offers the Chinese youth a place to socialize and to meet others. Everybody is welcome here. They can sit in, on, or around the warehouse. Big touch screens on the walls enable visitors to order clothes of fashion label Xīn Sì. The warehouse is made of Solar material, so it saves energy during the day, and lights up in the darkness. The panels that hold the walls in place, can come in different colors/ dessins.

Xīn sì – fictional school project (10 weeks)